Nov 6, 2008

20 / 20 vision - and that's not just Obama.

We spent last week on the Isle of Wight with Grandchildren Leah and Rebekah. What is it about mobile phones and the need to have one permanently attached to the right ear? Or is that just me getting old? Excellent week and weather was super unlike the rest of Britain I gather.

Eyes to be checked on 19th. Glasses, reading and distance - never had the former before - I collected today. I was told it would take ten working days from order date - it has taken closer to 20. I managed to get 10% discount on total price for the inconvenience.

I spent yesterday morning with Rita - working breakfast at the Liskeard Tavern (staff were very helpful and pleasant - I guess that's part training and part a pride in one's role - I don't see that much nowadays). Valuable time spent on synopsis and tidying up loose ends on Messenger. Trying to get 14 pages of synopsis down to 2 is a task, but it'll get done. Set myself deadline to approach agent by end of November.

Obama is obviously the right man for the job and hopefully will withdraw the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan asap. He bears a similarity to JFK - an optimism for the future and a driving force for good. Let's hope those who destroyed JFK don't see BHO as a threat.


boxofficegirl said...

Hello, found you through Selchie's blog hope you don't mind.
I'm off for an eye test next week as I am spending too much time on the computer too!
I agree with your statements on Obama very much. A new dawn, a new age and out with Bush. Wish I could have been there on Wed' to celebrate with them it looked fantastic.

Good luck with the book, I will pop back again if that's OK?

john white said...

Hi Boxy,
Glad you found me.

Good luck with the eye test.

Thanks for reading. You're welcome back anytime. By the way I very much enjoyed the writing on your site - I'll post a comment there too.

Selchie said...

Hi John,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to say hi, the flu overtook the house for a few weeks. Thanks for the add to my blog. So good to meet a fellow Plymouthian.)

I agree with what you're saying about Obama and hope too that this heralds a new era. I see in the paper the other day that the detainees at camp x-ray will finally get a trial... not long coming...

Good luck with the synopsis, I know what you mean about cutting down, tough one.

Have a great day,


john white said...

Thanks Sarah, I hope the book signings go brilliantly.

Jane Smith said...

Obama? Probably. Isle of Wight? Definitely! I used to live overlooking the Needles and miss it terribly despite the Pleasure Park. Lucky you.

john white said...

Hi Jane, IOW is a very beautiful part of GB. I can understand that you would miss it.

I'll pop along to your site.

Thanks for posting.

SCL said...

Hi John - thanks for the follow on my site - looking forward to hearing more of your book plans - like Selchie said - good to see another Plymouth 'blogspot' blogger - there are a shade over 450,000 uk bloggers ( 1,000 from Plymouth ) - reckon - if my maths is right there should be nearer 3,000 - that's enough sad stats from me ! Anyway - hello !!


john white said...

Hi Steve, Yours is a fine site - I paint too. Or rather I used to. All my life I thought I would never want to stop painting. Then when I began writing seriously I became consumed by it. Haven't painted since 2003. Must get back to it sometime.