Feb 11, 2009

Will she won't she?

I've been busy these last three days incorporating the changes in The Messenger that Camilla Bolton suggested. It's not only made a complete difference to the opening of the story, but made me think hard about how the changes will ripple through the rest of the book. I'm hoping to get the end result off to her on Friday.

The girl's death scene which I slogged over for a week is now condensed into the first quarter page in a very different format - which actually strengthens the story - so, Camilla's advice has had a profound and beneficial effect in a way I would never have thought of. I just hopes she likes what I've done with her critique. Catch you guys soon.


boxofficegirl said...

Well done for working so hard and I knew that poor little girl had a terrible fate.

john white said...

Thanks Boxie,

everything comes to those who wait ... hehe.

annie kelleher said...

good for you!!! that's excellent... hope it all goes smoothly!!!

john white said...

Thank you Annie,

Camilla's interest in my writing has been good not only for my confidence, but it has allowed people around me to see that my writing was never a 'hobby' to
me - does that make sense? Hope you're better my friend.

Selchie said...

Yes I completely understand what you mean about the hobby thing. It's hard for people to connect the term work to anything unless it makes money. Well done John and I really wish you the best of luck).

john white said...

Thanks Selchie,

I think it's not until something tangible appears - like a book - that people begin to believe you're serious. Watch this space!

Kim said...

How wonderful that you are inspired by her interest and comments.

I'm curious to know if you workshop your writing with other writers or if this agent's feedback is the first feedback on this project?

john white said...

Hi Kim,
I attend two writing groups: the first I founded with four others(2002)and chaired for 2 years. It has around sixteen members. The second, is made up of myself and three other experienced writers. The critique in this latter one is hard and uncomprimising which is superb - we give each other as much time as our stories need to critique and meetings can last all day. All the writers are brilliant at what they do and we all write in different genres. Then I have a writer friend called Rita who I see around once a week to discuss my plot, storyline and from whom I get general feedback too. Rita tells me exactly how she sees my writing, my plot, my dialogue - and if I don't like it -tough! She is a bright, intelligent, well read woman and holds no punches when she critiques my writing. Sometimes I feel like I have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson when I leave her house and drive the 25 miles home. But I wouldn't be without her - or, in fact, any of my writing friends. They are totally honest and I trust them implicitly.
I hope this ramble helps explain how I work. Thank you for asking.

Kim said...

Thank you for sharing that. I've recently found two groups that I'm working with. So far so good!