Aug 8, 2011

The Messenger is live!

THE MESSENGER is on Kindle:

'A land of souls. Genocide. And one soldier.’

… a story that challenges the basic belief of war.

Jack Chandler is a Special Forces operative whose close shaves have been adding up – which is why his wife, Sally, wants him out of the Regiment. On his last mission, he is mortally wounded and finds himself in a land overflowing with centuries of war dead ready to slide back and destroy this world – Jack’s world. He recovers, but the visions persist, driving a wedge between him and his family. Jack is told he has PTSD. He hopes it is. The alternative, that what he is seeing is real, terrifies him.

Jack discovers a US plot to invade Iran that will kill millions and flood the land with dead it can’t hold. He sets out to stop the genocide, but can one man succeed against the most powerful country in the world? And the souls? Are they real or is Jack's conscience creating them?

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John White said...

Hi Guys, As you have probably guessed I no longer write on this blog - for those of you who might want to follow me onto where I now write - the link is here: you're more than welcome to come along.