Jun 1, 2008

Ghosts or dreams that is the question ...

Another week sailed by! Finished this one with a wonderful trip to Harrogate for a few days to see friends. Friends are so important - especially those from our youth - the time when we all thought we were fireproof. When we rode at the limit a 500cc twin would go - maybe a 105mph down hill with the wind behind us. What is it nowadays? 140mph in first? The bikes have become faster - we've become slower. No longer fireproof and there's the rub.

Interesting discussion recently on how far the tentacles of secret organisations can stretch and how they place locked gates on career paths. Do you have the key? If not you could be totally buggered. No gates (locked or unlocked) is the answer.

The book has me dangling at the moment. Learning curve is straight up. Will it plateau? I bloody hope so! Incidentals: Browning HP or Glock 9mm? Leg or chest holsters? Why are SA80s designed for right-hand firing - my guy has to use his left-hand and the ejector sends casings against the pillar then into his chest or his face.

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