Jul 4, 2008

Secrets and Lies.

The world turned upside down on Friday - and family came first. The end of an era for some and the beginning for others. The house is now diffferent, but nicely so. The devil on one shoulder and an angel on another are having a field day. Who will win? Who can say? Life is what happens while we're waiting to die. Brave people take chances and others stay put. Sometimes corners are forced upon people and they come out fighting for a new future.

The story edit is two thirds through and I am two thirds tired. On the telephone to a flying school here last week I mentioned that my main character would find himself on a 747 packed with explosives. tree-topping the Hudson, on target for Indian Point and my phone line died. It clicked several times and eventually came back to normal. You know the feeling when someone is listening but doesn't talk? Well that was it. I guess I hit trigger words and Menwith Hill 'acquired' my computer history. It's been three years now and the research has been hard work. Did you know that an SA80 is a right shoulder weapon? That the Browning HP 9mm is best drawn from a chest holster? That low yield weaponry make one hell of a mess? That GX9 Gas simulates radiation poisoning? That FLAG is a covert military organisation established in 1959? And Major Frank Chandler was hung out to dry by the British Government during the Iraq/Iran war while on a black op in the Zagros Mountains? Which country has the largest reserves of oil? Which country is next on the US list? I ran a long way to get this information.
Time for bed said Zebedee.

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