Dec 16, 2008

four told smart breakfast up a lemon tree

Excellent meeting with Jenny, Silja and Ed '' on Sunday. Lots of good ideas and motivation - bags of motivation - well done chaps. Each of us seems to be moving on with sequels and prequels. The advice Danny King passed on was incredibly useful to each of us in different ways. In my case linking my writing style to that of Simon Kernick and Gerald Seymour was a real bonus. Ed lent a copy of SK's 'Relentless' to me. I'm reading it currently - there's definitely a connection. I'll pick up a book by GS and check that out, too. It's good to have an established writer compare your work to other established authors - thanks Danny.

Meeting at SMART Southway (Portal writers et al) yesterday - it was nice to catch up with old friends. Robert is off to Germany in a couple of days to carry out some more research on his story. His son has arranged for him to interview a couple of survivors of the trek. It will be an emotional tale. Silvia has spent two years producing a 'simplified learning' version of the bible. An amazing piece of work which I am sure anyone would find intriguing. Presents for children? Are children allowed to study the bible in this Politically Correct world? Gloria's romance stories, Pete's civil war sequel, and everyone else's work is coming on in leaps and bounds. Everton's stories are fascinating - I believe he should be looking at radio scripting with his work.

Breakfast meeting with Rita tomorrow morning at the Tavern to discuss the seeds of The Messenger sequel and get a sounding board on the chapters to go to Camilla.

Will also try to drop in on Sarah Turton's book signing at Waterstones tomorrow evening. Good Luck Sarah hope it goes really well - here's the detail:


annie kelleher said...

wow you've been busy!! are you working on a new book now? :)

john white said...

Hi Annie, Yes - I really like the remaining story characters,their military background and the task that's ahead of them - and the ending allows for a sequel. (There is scope for more than one book with this character.)
I felt, while I searched for the right agent, I could carry on with the next story. Maybe too, having a second one in this series started will let an agent know I am not a one book man. I'm told in this economic climate it's desirable to have that option for writers and publishers. The other three books I've written I now regard as my apprenticeship in this business of writing, lol.

How's your new one coming on? The outline fascinated me.