Dec 3, 2008

Virgin on the ridiculous?

This is a copy of an email I sent to Virginmobile which I hope is self explanatory. If anybody else has had this problem let me know.

I wished to top up my mobile phone this evening. When I rang to do this I couldn't use the normal automated service. Instead I was connected to a call centre in South Africa. A gentleman there told me that my visa card had expired two years ago. I was rather upset at this and told him my card was in date. He reiterated that it had expired and I would need to re-register it before I could top up. I asked him how I managed to use that same card for a top up in October of this year if it had expired and he told me I couldn't have. Whilst he was on the phone I checked my credit card statement and quoted the transaction to him and said I was more than a little upset that someone had changed the date on my records at Virgin. He said there had been and upgrade recently and all card users had to re-register their cards before the automated service would be available to them. He also told me that this upgrade was to benefit customers. There are several things about my experience with your South African call centre that concern me. The first is that it is in South Africa when this country needs all the support it can have in these difficult times. Secondly, I don't like being told that my credit card has expired when it hasn't. Thirdly the upgrade that your gentleman told me was for the benefit of customers is certainly not benefiting me when I have to spend time discussing the validity of my credit card. And, if this is the way that your company deals with financial matters, I am wondering how reliable my wife's investments are with your company. I would like you to tell me why I should continue to be a Virgin customer.

Watch this space readers!

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