Jan 9, 2009

100% proof fairy cakes

For some reason I don't understand the date of this post is listed as Friday 9th January when I posted it today Monday 12th January - has anybody had this date problem before in posting - or is it just me?

Jill and I, our children and grandchildren attended our nephew, and Godson, Matthew's wedding over the weekend. His fiancee, now wife, Lenka (Slovakian) looked quite regal. The best man Gord (Canadian) made part of his speech in Slovakian, French and Japanese for the guests from those countries - which I thought was a very brave thing to do, and impressed me greatly, until Lenka's sister asked me if I thought he'd realised that he'd made a toast to the bride and a small fridge freezer!

We are going out to Trencin to complete the celebrations with Lenka's family later this week. I gather we will be given lots of small cakes to eat at the party - a tradition it seems. The cakes are followed by many shots of Vodka - not so much a tradition, more a test of staying upright. The weather there is cold and snowy - so, winter draws on.

Putting more research in on the next in the Jack Chandler series. Why is it every story I come up with is complicated? Why can't I just have a straightforward plot line? Is it an over active imagination or a creative curse? The trouble is the more I research the more my fiction looks like it could become fact - eek!


boxofficegirl said...

I have an overactive imagination too or at times, no imagination at all. It's all or nothing don't you find?
Have a great time and steady on the Vodka.

john white said...

Yes Boxie, I agree - all or nothing! Bit like life really, wouldn't you say?

boxofficegirl said...