Jan 5, 2009

Mars - helps us work, rest and pray?

I've just been watching the news reports on the Gaza strip conflict. What the hell are we doing to each other? No matter where war takes place it's the innocents in the middle who suffer - men, women and children - on both sides. Am I wrong in thinking that the average citizen of any country is seen as cannon fodder by its Government? Unless we have a value - which we appear not to (other than when those same governments need us to become part of their army) then we seem to be expendable. Each time I see news reports of people being blown to pieces I see me, and my family. I can't imagine the terror the children of conflict must feel every day, wondering if the next missile has their name on it. And the parents too on both sides - people like you and me - how can they protect themselves and their children? The simple fact is they can't - and that can't be right. I really wish I had the answer - more importantly, I really wish governments had the answer. What niggles me is that we can afford to spend ten billion on the Olympic Games - and god knows what on the prospect of getting to Mars, but not on saving lives. Maybe someone knows we might need althletes to populate Mars when we finally blow this planet of ours to bits.


boxofficegirl said...

You are right John, it is terrifying and not impossible to imagine that this could happen to any one of us. My heart breaks for those families caught up in this senseless violence.

Perhaps we should start shouting with one voice for this to end?


john white said...

That's certainly an idea Boxie. Maybe we should be getting in contact with Brown and Obama.

annie kelleher said...

ive been calling for The War to end since just about i started blogging. i find the israeli situation horrifying, as far as i can tell - they're ALL wrong. i have an idea... let's offer to move israel... they can have a piece of say... texas. israel is a really little country and texas is a really big state. plus, it's got desert, a big river and after january 20th, there'll be someone who thinks God talks to him.

Kim said...

Hi John. Yes, it's all so awful and senseless.

Annie, what a fabulous idea. I've always hated Texas and it's Republican minded majority. Giving it to Israel would put it to some good use.

Thanks for the post John.