Sep 25, 2009

Gut feelings

Three months? Lots going on - some resolved - some not. I am due to have an exploratory camera thrust down into my gut on Monday afternoon. Hopefully that will sort out what has been plaguing me since I last posted. I am told that I must post the pictures on Facebook - not sure that will be wise.

I've completed some writing, but renovating the smallest room in the house took a considerable time - wouldn't you know it! What writing I have achieved has been mainly on the Jack Chandler sequel. Set in New York, Washington and London (and possibly Slovakia if the Trenchin Castle idea comes up trumps) it has action, assassinations and a secret society to end all secret societies (Dan Brown eat your heart out). Jack realises that the powers pulling the strings behind the scenes of Western Governments have an agenda beyond even his jaundiced imagination - but deciding who he can trust with the information is another matter.

I'll try not to leave posting so long next time - depends how the pictures develop!


boxofficegirl said...

What camera? Why in your gut - are you OK?

Answer immediately if not sooner please.

john white said...

Hi Boxie, I've been having stomach problems for three months and lost a little weight - although that is probably due to not feeling like, or eating, what I would do normally. (Would be an ideal condition for those wanting to diet.) The next step in the investigation is having a camera run down into my gut. I think it's a Box Brownie (circa 1953 - black and white).

boxofficegirl said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Hope all goes OK and they manage to sort you out pronto. Do they realise they're dealing with a mega star?

john white said...

Mega star? I wish. haha.