Sep 7, 2008

Trains and boats and ...

So much has happened since I last posted - not sure I'm going to be able to get it all down.
Met with Ex UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter on QE2 in August. He gave four totally consuming lectures on the US in Iraq and anti-war strategies. Bought three of his books and found Waging Peace incredibly thought provoking - so much so that I have revised last chapter of Messenger manuscript to enhance an idea I had at one of the lectures. The trip was excellent too, Bay of Biscay rough on way out - mill pond on way back. Sardinia no go due to swell - tenders rocking all over the place. Cannes good - Lisbon beautiful - Barcelona was absolutely magic (must go back - it has changed so much since we were last there 35 years ago) Gib was Gib (Blackpool with wildlife). I have been really lucky with lectures on board both this year and last. On Queen Mary 2 last year I met with an FBI profiler who gave superb information on insurgent kidnaps. Rita's critique on story is and has been superb - I've suggested she start her own critique agency.

Granddaughter Millie (12) had an operation to assist hearing - hopefully it will do that although first impressions weren't that good, but it will take a while to settle I gather. Epilepsy tablets seem to be working thank goodness, but diabetes is still volatile at times.

Granddaughter Leah (17) had a superb month in New Zealand with grandparents. Helicopter rides and sheep and much much more! Officer, Fay, at Orewa Police did a splendid job - think I overreacted, but better to be safe than sorry!

House still alive with people which is lovely - and lots going on. Hopefully things will be resolved soon for those involved.

Slovakia January (after Wells) for Matthew and Lenka's continued wedding celebrations.

Excellent strategy meeting of our Fourtold fiction setup today. (Name is now domain Jenny Cole working on second detective mystery novel (prequel), Silja Swaby out to agents on The Deluge, Ed Evans in planning stage on third modern fantasy. I'm going to approach Piers Russell-Cobb, Marsh Agency, with Messenger. I spotted him on the Marsh site and he looks to be the man - also on Julia Hales blog and trekking last year. Small is beautiful and 'Fourtold' provides time and expertise to look in detail at all the projects each of us have going - not sure that would be possible with a larger group.

The more research I do for a sequel to The Messenger the more I realise that we owe the troops the best treatment when they come home. Whether people agree with Iraq / Afghanistan or not the soldiers don't get the choice - it's 'go there and fight'. They are risking their lives and we owe them good, private medical facilities and a chance to recover properly both physically and mentally. It's called authority with responsibility - you can't have one without the other.

Well, I haven't mentioned as much as I thought I would - oh well, there's always next time. Say goodnight to the folks, Gracie.

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