Sep 19, 2008

Back in the land of the living ... ?

Well, the hard drive in my laptop decided to give up the ghost just over a week ago and I have been wandering around the house like a lost soul without it. But I managed to refloor the loft and reclad the conservatory - so, not a complete waste of time. Jason (PC medics Plymouth) did a brilliant job replacing the drive, but when I came to reload AOL I found my emails for the last three years had disappeared - which is a real sod. I have business and private correspondence which I need, but can't get access to. I complained to AOL and received an email in response which began: With reference to your email, I understand that after reinstalling AOL your PFC got disappeared. Somehow this didn't instill the confidence I was looking for. The instructions then assumed that I had a file on my desktop which I didn't and a file in my system which was not there - so, I still have my problems with email. Another problem is that my research for the book - it was under my 'favourites' list, has gone walkabout. AARGH!

Silja, Jenny and Ed have been coming up with superb ideas and contributions after reading the first draft of Messenger and I am going to incorporate them in the final edit. Then it's off to Piers Russell-Cobb to see if he thinks it's a goer.

Fourtoldfiction is on the launch pad! Watch this space!

The sketch print of the new Harley 1200 (signed by the designer Bill Davidson) has arrived. Pity the delivery service smashed the glass in the frame, but hey ho can't have everything I suppose. It was, after all, a great first prize for my motorcycling recollections. Competition winner

Talked with Robert Shove today. His Tales from a Kit Bag is doing well. Lots of sales in Services related links. He said he's 2/3 through the new story (WW2 trek ) and off to Germany soon to research the survivors. Sounds an amazing story - certainly film material. He was also keen to push on the formation of a steering group for South West writers (Groups) and asked if I would join him at the funding meeting. I reported sadly there was no further response from Marjons on the adaptation of the Creative Writing BA modules. Maybe I should have approached Plymouth Uni instead.

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